The hotel was founded by the great-grandparents in 1896, when it was called LE NATIONAL.
Over the years, the hotel was handed down from generation to generation, always proud of their friendly welcome and with the same love of their mountain village.
When Pierre and Sabine Jordanis followed their predecessors, they took up the torch and, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of this "old lady" who had seen so much they decided to offer her a rejuvenation cure.
Pierre is a builder with a truly magic touch and Sabine, who has been in the hotel business since the cradle, has a distinct flair for decorating. In June 1996, the hotel was pulled down and began a new page in its history. With passion, energy and generosity, and of course with the love they bear the village that they talk about so eloquently, Pierre and Sabine were to recreate a cosy friendly ambience it's lovely to be in, somewhere between wellbeing and enchantment.
The hotel was completely rebuilt and open once again to the public in December 1997, the year after the winter Olympic Games in NAGANO, after which it was to be named.


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LE NAGANO - Les Gets
Chalet / Hotel / Spa at the foot of the slopes
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